Τhe Brain Pixels, our company-our team

Anastasia Panagiotopoulou
Τhe Brain Pixels is  a company located in Thessaloniki, Greece and was originaly founded in 2013 by Petros Melissaridis, Software Engineer and CEO. Our team got bigger and now it consists of six members, despite the daunting situation for young professionals in Greece, ready and more than enough qualified to meet your needs.

We design and develop impressive web sites and e-shops which promote your business with the suitable way. By acquiring an e-shop you can increase your clients and sales. We design and develop e-shops which are impressive, easy to use, affordable and secure. If you want your business to gain a competitive advantage or you have an innovative idea for mobile app then contact to us.

As a modern business and people of our times we do recognize the power of social media and we always try to take advantage of them in order to build strong brand names. Contact us if you want your business to have a strong presence to social media, like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter etc

Last but not least, when it comes to business we have the ideal alternative. We can built for your company a management system and guarantee that you will obtain the absolute control over your projects. How? Do you want to fully control your business everywhere and every time? Do you want to have full picture about your sales, your employees, your clients, your services and products, your orders from your computer, mobile and tablet either you are at the office or at your car or everywhere else. In case you want that then you need a complete business software which will be designed and developed exclusively for your business process. Contact us in order to build your business software which will be fit 100% for your company.

If you are keen on learning more about our services and offers please do not hesitate to contact us or follows us at our social media accounts. Our goal is to make your business idea, business reality! Stay tuned.